The Mountain of The Lord

birds and mountains

Isaiah 25:6 (VOICE) The Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, is preparing a feast, a feast for everyone on this mystical mountain With aged wine and good food, the finest wine and choicest meat. I was overwhelmed by what I saw this morning. We are so influenced by this world that we often can’t see the glory, the angelic presence, the heavenly host, the fire and all who surround the mountain. When we come into His mountain, and stay on the top, we are surrounded by a huge presence.


Anyway, I want to say thanks again for your obedience to God to have the deliverance ministry. I cannot make clear enough that I praise God EVERY SINGLE DAY for you and for those two days last August. God is amazing and faithful! His freedom is SO REAL!

Dear Cheryl

Dear Cheryl

I am so thankful for you!

Since meeting, my growth in understanding, power, vision, clarity etc…….everything took a major jump.

Thank you for choosing to help me

In Christ



Thank you so much Michelle, this session was a bomb. I learned so much. You brought a lot of clarifications to what went on during my bloodline session just with the little that I remembered to share with you.I have been rejoicing, Thanking the Father for what he has done and the gift that you are to me. Very grateful you my entire team as well. Cheryl was amazing, Thank you Carmen, Janis, Yolanda, and Emilie, awesome WOG. Love you all XOXO (Julienne Ekor-tah)

Greetings Cheryl

Greetings Cheryl,

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and I wanted to thank you for your ministry yesterday. We were very blessed. After the DNA cleansing, I am feeling more and more free from lingering things that as you know, tend to work against us and hold us back. You and your team were a great blessing.

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