We believe that everyone should be able to experience the supernatural through a relationship with Jesus.

Our mandate:

  1. A training and equipping center for all to access the heavenly realms.

  2. A hub for healing.

  3. A deliverance center.

  4. A house of love.


  • Cheryl Davies

    Cheryl Davies

    South African born Pastor Cheryl Davies has been used by God to mobilize the Prophetic and Apostolic throughout the world. Through preaching, revelation and training Cheryl has strengthened the Body of Christ to advance the Kingdom of Heaven.   Her ministry helps empower people through the understanding of their purpose and calling. She carries an authority which shifts and transforms the atmosphere. The Lord has used her to launch many ministries and to release many into the ministry. She brings a now Word of the Lord that will release many into their destiny.   She ministered with Reinhardt Bonnke in deliverance ministry in Africa. She has ministered and traveled internationally into twenty countries (including Africa, Denmark, Mexico and England) before coming to the United States.   While ministering in the U.S., the Lord spoke to her and asked her to stay and be a part of the coming awakening.   Heavens Place is the Ministry that she founded and established in Phoenix Arizona on September 7th, 2008.   At Heavens Place we are endeavoring to establish a heavenly culture, a place where heaven is real and heavenly habits are formed.
    • Kelly Farmer

      Kelly Farmer

      Kelly Farmer is on our bench of three. Knowing part of her purpose in life is to bring healing and freedom to the broken hearted, Kelly has been involved in ministry at Heaven’s Place almost since its inception as she is degreed in Marriage and Family Therapy. The Courts of Heaven and Trading Floors and DNA Alignment (formerly called Bloodlines) are arenas used to bring freedom and recovery, ministering with the angels to help in repentance and bring positive heavenly court decisions. A topic that she is adept at teaching is breaking ties with Freemasonry. Kelly also is the accountant for Heaven’s Place and prepares the annual filings for the IRS and State of Arizona. She also ministers in financial areas as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Financial Planner. Kelly also enjoys teaching new revelations and implementing tools for VICTORY!
      • Joe McCracken

        Joe McCracken

        Joe McCracken Joe makes our third person on our bench of three. Pictured here with his lovely wife Janice, Joe brings a long history of ministry and serving the body to Heaven's Place.
        "My greatest satisfaction comes in seeing the body learn to rest in the heart of Yeshua and minister in Him."
        Joe has been involved in practically every aspect of ministry. Serving as a Worship leader, pastor, elder, teacher, deliverance, home group leader, arbitrator, counselor, sound technician, musician, multi-media and servant.
        "If you really want a ministry, start by offering to help. Clean a couple of toilet bowls, wash a couple of dishes, mop a floor, do the things behind the scenes where no one is watching."
        • Bench of Three

          Bench of Three

          • Pam Hudson

            Pam Hudson

            Pam is in charge of or worship ministry
            • Rhonda Humpreys

              Rhonda Humpreys

              • Joy McElyea

                Joy McElyea

                • Chuck Cull

                  Chuck Cull

                  • Kristen Englund

                    Kristen Englund


                    Walking As Sons Of Light

                    We had an awesome time of revelation concerning many things. Mike Parsons, thank you for going above and beyond anything we could have imagined. I am really chewing on a couple of things you talked about.

                    The Mountain of The Lord

                    Isaiah 25:6 (VOICE) The Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, is preparing a feast, a feast for everyone on this mystical mountain With aged wine and good food, the finest wine and choicest meat. I was overwhelmed by what I saw this morning. We are so influenced by this world that we often can’t see the […]


                    Anyway, I want to say thanks again for your obedience to God to have the deliverance ministry. I cannot make clear enough that I praise God EVERY SINGLE DAY for you and for those two days last August. God is amazing and faithful! His freedom is SO REAL!

                    Dear Cheryl

                    Dear Cheryl I am so thankful for you! Since meeting, my growth in understanding, power, vision, clarity etc…….everything took a major jump. Thank you for choosing to help me In Christ Sarah


                    Thank you so much Michelle, this session was a bomb. I learned so much. You brought a lot of clarifications to what went on during my bloodline session just with the little that I remembered to share with you.I have been rejoicing, Thanking the Father for what he has done and the gift that you […]


                    Thank u so much for everything! Thank for being letting the love of the Father shine thru you on Saturday. It was amazing …Cristina

                    Greetings Cheryl

                    Greetings Cheryl, It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and I wanted to thank you for your ministry yesterday. We were very blessed. After the DNA cleansing, I am feeling more and more free from lingering things that as you know, tend to work against us and hold us back. You and your team […]

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                    The Lord has called us to equip the body of Christ with kingdom age “technologies” that are powerful and far more effective than what we learned in the church age. .  You can be a part of it.  Everyone has a ministry.  We can change the world and we are much more powerful when we join together.

                    We can only do this through your prayers, partnership, and generous financial support.  Please consider partnering with us by trading with Heaven by giving either a one-time or monthly financial blessing.  Your financial blessing helps us to build, to continue to provide cutting edge ministry, and raise up a generation of manifest sons.  Since there are no time limitations, we believe and declare that you will reap an immediate and great harvest for sowing into this ministry.

                    Trading is about offering something in exchange for something else. It may be money, or goods, or other physical things, but it may also be love, a promise of God, your life, even the blood of Jesus. At its simplest, it is covenant exchange. When I take a tithe or an offering and offer it to God, I actually go to the treasury room in heaven, where Melchizedek presides in his capacity as Chancellor.  By faith we trade our finances and engage the treasury room bringing us into covenant exchange.  We are trading to see the kingdom of God advance and expand. It is all about Him.

                    One particular application of trading that you may have seen in our meetings is when a speaker has said something and people want to engage in it, they come and give an amount of money to trade into the revelation: they are honoring that revelation and want to activate that revelation in their life to receive blessing from engaging with it.

                    The teaching of the Terumah (with the first and second tithes) is unfortunately not well known or taught to the body of Christ today.  Here are some terms, a practical example, and attached verses that I use.  This represents the way the Hebrews and the early church biblically managed their giving from Genesis through the fourth century A.D.


                    1. Bikkurim:  First fruit offering of the farmer’s produce (first fruit to blossom on the vine)
                    2. Terumah: First fruit offering that is high and lifted up, presented to the Cohen, Rabbi or Spiritual Authority that is speaking the Kingdom of God into your life.
                    3. Maaser Rishon:  First tithe brought to the storehouse where you are fed whether it is a church, ministry, home group, etc.
                    4. Maaser Sheni:  Second tithe to yourself.  God cares as much about your savings account as He does about His own house.
                    5. Maaser Ani:  Tithe to poor, homeless, widows, or orphans.  It is part of the second tithe.  Every third time, you pay your second tithe to the poor in lieu of Maaser Sheni.
                    6. Free will offerings and giving of Alms are also an optional part of God’s divine system of giving.  They are not covered in this summary document.

                    Terumah Simplified: 

                    Step one:  Give your Terumah/first fruits offering.  Terumah is 1/40th or 2.5% of your total increase.

                    Step two:  Give your Maaser Rishon. The first tithe is 10% of your total increase.

                    Step three:  Give your Maaser Sheni/ Maaser Ani.  This is based on your net income after Terumah and the first tithe are taken out.  The first two times this tithe goes to your savings account.  The third time you pay this tithe, you give it to the poor, homeless, widows or orphans.

                    Practical example on $1000 gross increase: 

                    Terumah equals $25.00.

                    Maaser Rishon (first tithe) equal 10% of $975 ($1000 – $25) which equals $97.50.

                    Maaser Sheni/Ani (second tithe) equals 10% of the $1000 gross minus your Terumah and the first tithe.

                    Therefore, your second tithe total would be $1000 minus $25 Terumah minus $97.50 first tithe for a total of a total second tithe gross amount of $877.50.  This would result in a net amount of $87.75 for your second tithe.

                    The whole system is referred to colloquially as Terumah.  Terumah is mentioned 80 times In the original Hebrew texts of the Old Testament.

                    For example, in the Hebrew, Malachi 3:8 “tithes” is (Maaser) and the word translated “offerings” is the word “Terumah.”  The Jewish people of Constantine’s day had 4% of the population and 40% of the wealth because of Terumah.  This was the main reason Constantine started the income tax system in 325 A.D., according to the Nicene Fathers.  The meaning of Terumah was gradually changed by the state church to be first prayer of the day.  When the King James translators encountered Terumah in 1611, they did not know its roots in Hebraic history or true meaning.

                    Terumah is the way the Hebrew people and early Christians handled their money and prospered.  There was no question about it.  Terumah/first fruits was also made mention of by Jesus, Paul and Jude.  It applies not only to finances but also to many other principals, temporal and spiritual.  The bottom line is that everyone we have personally seen embrace this biblically based system of giving/living has seen blessings and immediate results.



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                    Our Ministries

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                    You can click on the link above to log into our website. Please note we use the clef app for android and iPhones as a means of logging in. To use your password scroll down the page and you should see that option.

                    Healing the Bruised 

                    This will familiarize you with healing and deliverance as it is ministered through Heavens Place Ministries. God has shown us many exciting truths in His word concerning both healing and deliverance. We are very much aware that the subject of deliverance makes some people uncomfortable, but when people come to us they are seeking answers that only God can give. They have tried other avenues without success. They are usually just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Each ministry session proves to be unique and exciting, as God unravels the enemy’s schemes.

                    DNA Alignment

                    It is important to clean up our negatives in our DNA so that light of God may vibrate- (color light frequency essence ) in our DNA instead of the lower frequency negatives of iniquity. Transfigure in light, color, sound, fragrance frequency . As we grow in Him, we learn that pure desire in our hearts is the gateway into the many dimensions of God as all of our essence is able to move through these doorways in expansion. That is just the ‘door’ in. What lies beyond is limitless in expansion and understanding. Its Who God is, in all His purity and dimensions. As a result we obtain more of Him and it becomes part of who we are. We become who He is, as if He is wrapped in our essence of who we are. (redeemed ) We wear him, inside outside and the glory of Lord shines all around us. Like Adam in the garden before the Fall.

                    DNA Alignment is a powerful Holy Spirit lead method of dealing with generational curses (iniquities) passed down through our DNA. We have a team of five or more people, 2 intercessors, 2 seers, and an administrator. We listen to the Holy Spirit and lead you through powerful repentance for things hiding in your family line. We received training from Grant and Samantha Mahoney / Moed Ministries, New Zealand who were mandated to release this.

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